Sunday 1 January 2012

Die Zauberflöte

Act I. Scene One. A strange rocky landscape

Act I. Scene Two. In Sarastro's Palace

Act I. Scene Three. In a grove approaching the palace

Act II. Scene One. A grove of palms

Act II. Scene Two. A temple courtyard at night

Act II. Scene Three. A garden lit by the moon

Act II. Scene Four. A hall in the temple

Act II. Scene Five. A subterranean vault

Act II. Scene Six. A garden

Act II. Scene Seven. Two mountains

Act II. Scene Eight. A garden

Act II. Scene Nine. In the temple

Act II. Scene Ten. The temple of the Sun

In the post-modern urban landscape multi-storey car parks exist as ambivalent non-spaces, de-populated monumental structures that are both everywhere and nowhere. However, as darkness falls the concrete pillars, the railings, the ramps and the staircases take on a new significance, illuminated by the eerie glow of fluorescence.

That which often goes unnoticed is made visible, the flickering lights catch in the corner of the eye as shadows jump out at us, bringing an element of magic into the mundane.

This project re-imagines Mozart’s opera set in multi-storey car parks.