Time At The Bar

Time At The Bar
Two hundred and thirty shut down pubs in Brighton & Hove

20 page broadsheet newspaper
520 x 375mm

“When a pub closes the community’s heart is ripped out and dies. It’s a particular problem in rural areas, where the village pub is the heart of the community. People go to pubs for friendship, conversation, to enjoy an affordable meal, or just quietly read a newspaper.”
Roger Protz, Editor, Good Beer Guide

Photographic typology cataloguing the demise of the traditional British boozer across Brighton & Hove; an observation of the architectural - and psychological - spaces that are left in communities when a pub calls ‘time’ for the final time.

Through the accumulation of imagery one begins to observe the contrasts and similarities between each image - finally revealing the greater truth of a fracturing society that sees people retreating to their homes, shunning social intercourse in favour of a more alienated and virtual existence - replacing real social lives with social-media avatars in the misguided belief that 100 likes on Facebook is more rewarding than a walk in the park.