That's Entertainment!

That's Entertainment!

The first four books in a never ending series...
Boston Marathon Bombing / Sandy Hook School Shooting / Tohoku Earthquake / New Baghdad

Each book:
25 page single-sheet folded book in card slipcase
118 x 80mm

Are you a news FOMO? Do you constantly update your web browser to check the scrolling banner at the top of the screen bringing you the latest breaking news? Thanks be to god for the 24hr news channel - tune in any time for the next overblown news event - be the first to upload the bad news to twitter and Facebook - tick ‘like’ to show how shocked and appalled you are by the latest massacre as you sit in the office sipping your mocha. Empathise with the blood soaked victims from the comfort of your armchair as you idlly flick between CNN and BBC to see who’s got the best footage direct from the scene - hopefully someone caught the actual blast on their mobile - it’s downloaded as we speak - stay tuned!

If by any chance you’ve missed the latest disaster - natural or man-made - fear not. Here for your delectation and perusal are presented some of the best disasters from recent years. Freeze frame the moment the Boston Marathon bomb explodes - stare in wide-eyed wonder as the tsunami destroys the east coast of Japan - facepalm at the stupidity of American gun laws in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook School shooting. Still want more? Plug in the xbox and blow those pesky Iraqi insurgents away from your Apache attack helicopter. That’s Entertainment!

Boston Marathon Bombing 2013:

Sandy Hook School Shooting 2012:

Tohoku Earthquake 2011:

New Baghdad 2007: